Reputation Marketing!

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Reputation is one of the most important aspects of our business. Our Reputation is our most IMPORTANT ASSET. In the past reputations were discussed by word of mouth, or if really bad they got printed in the newspaper, or perhaps if really, really bad they made the evening news.

Today with the World Wide Web, internet, computers, and cell phones it is very easy for negative reviews to be put up for the world to see. Once something is on the Web it will be up forever.

Nielsen has gathered some very interesting data relative to how people buy. If a friend or family member gives us a recommendation over 92% of us will act on it. Well that’s understandable, a friend or family member wouldn’t steer us wrong, now would they?

The Nielsen data below from 2011 shows that over 70% of us treat Online reviews as if they came from a friend or family member. That number is huge. And that number is growing, I have seen a report saying it is now over 80%, I wish I had that chart to put here. Bottom line people are searching for businesses online and they are looking at the scores and reading the reviews.


Is it any wonder why Reputation Marketing is becoming as important as it is?


There are a few simple steps to follow in your business:

  • Always consider that each customer is a potential reviewer. Don’t wait to find some critic working for a newspaper, or reporter to walk in and do a critique of your business without you knowing it.
  • The critics and reviewers these days are anyone who walks into your establishment. Their comments and opinions can be posted on the web for the world to see.
  • You cannot erase or delete them.