3 Things Your SMS Text Messages MUST Have

Recently Mobile Marketing has been increasing profits and income for many businesses. Using mobile phones has been one of the most effective strategies in product promotion as well as product and services introduction. 

However, just like other marketing strategies, text message marketing needs to be properly planned. It is important to make things relatively simple so potential consumers can easily understand what you are trying to sell.
Since mobile phones have a very small viewing screen it is important to keep the information and messages short. The first “S” in SMS stands for the word “Short” in short message service or SMS. This means the message should be concise and straightforward. Ideally, it only should be less than 160 characters since this is the limit for most text messages.
The trick is to get all of the important components of a profitable text message into this small space.
Here are a few things all of your text messages should include:
  • The Name of Your Business
Obviously, displaying the name of your business lets people know who you are as a company. People like to know who they are receiving text messages from, so be sure to give them that information every single time. This will put them at ease as they know exactly why they are receiving the message.
  •  There are two ways to do this:
Put your company’s name as the sender. However, the drawback of this type is that customers are not given an option to reply with questions since there’s no phone number present.
You can also provide your business number as the sender, but don’t forget to put the name of your business in the body of the message.  
  •   Give Them the Option to Opt-Out

 The good thing about SMS Text Message marketing is that people opt-in to your list, which means they WANT to receive your promotional offers and messages. However, there should be an easy way to opt-out of the list if someone wants to do so. Knowing that they have an easy option to opt-out makes a lot of people feel more at ease when it comes to opting-in to your list. At the end of each text message, make sure there is an option available for members of your list to opt-out if they choose to do so. 

  • Incorporate a Call-to-Action

 In your SMS, be sure to tell people what you want them to do. If you don’t tell them exactly what to do, most won’t. For instance, if you want them to bring the coupon into your business to redeem it, tell them that in the text message so there’s no misunderstanding about how they can redeem it. Or if you want them to show you the text message on your phone tell them that. Be specific in what you want your customers to do.