This is Something Every Business Owner Must Do!

What Every Business Needs Right Now!

In today’s environment all businesses, from small to large, need an online presence. More and more consumers are using their computers or mobile phones to search online for products and services. They now search online and purchase then either have it shipped to themselves, or go and buy it in the store.

The Yellow Pages are all but dead and they are definitely not providing the bang for your hard earned dollar they used to. So if you want to take your business to the next level and be ready for the future you need an optimized website, a mobile website and start socializing with your customers.

To complicate matters there are so many possibilities out there that the business owner is overwhelmed with what they should be investing in and doing.

 Here is just an example of possible services:
QR Codes, these Quick Response Codes, (also called 2D codes by some), offer a very simple and inexpensive way for the business to get their offline customers to connect online.
Text messaging, or SMS, is a way businesses can keep in close contact with their customers and offer special coupons to bring customers in during slow times, or for that matter anytime.
Google Places is a service Google provides to help customers searching online to find the best possible business to provide the customer what they are looking for.

Websites, both online as well as Mobile optimized sites. Many more customers are searching with their Smart Phones and it is important to provide them the best way to connect. Regular websites are not easily viewed on mobile phones so it is important to have an optimized mobile website.

It seems everyone is now on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others. Are you socializing with your customers. Remember relationships are everything, and people really do buy more from people they know and trust.

Another hot trend right now is Video, and from what I can see it is here to stay. Do you have video as part of your online marketing strategy? If not you need to.


Here are some interesting statistics for you to consider:

– Most people use the Internet and half of those use their Mobile phones to search for local businesses.

– Many people look at the ‘Likes’ and reviews to determine whether or not they will purchase from a given business.

– If you don’t have a Website, Mobile Website, Facebook page your business is leaving a lot of money on the table.

Claim your share of the online market today. Lets get started setting you up NOW!