Creative Holistic Business Solutions (CHBS)

A South-Eastern Michigan based company, primarily serving the needs of the local business community.



Local Mobile Marketing CHBS (LMMCHBS)

A division of CHBS and is a full service internet marketing and design company. Our focus is on REPUTATION MARKETING.

A businesses most important asset is its Reputation. Many businesses don’t even know what their Reputation is.

Today almost everyone uses their Smartphone, or computer to search for a business. Nielsen statistics show us that over 70% of the people searching for a business trust the reviews they read online as much as if a friend or relative gave them that recommendation. This is huge. Online reviews make a significant impact on a businesses ROI.

Reputatoin Trust

PleaseĀ contact us for a free analysis of your business and to learn more about how we can help you improve your bottom line.