The Definitive Guide to


Reputation & Mobile Marketing


We all know times have changed significantly. Over the past 5-6 years Google and mobile phone technology has changed both the online and offline landscape. Things are no longer what they used to be. With the advent of the Smart phone a vast majority of us are now carrying a very powerful computer and tool in our pockets.

With both of these advances the way we do business has forever changed. Many people are now using this technology to search for what they want every day. They search for restaurants, plumbers, electricians, and so much more on their Smart phones. And the one thing they find most useful is looking at and reading the reviews that have been left online by previous clients and customers.

These reviews are now playing a very significant role in their buying decisions. It used to be when someone had a good or bad experience they shared that knowledge with their friends, relatives and others they met. In doing so they may have shared that with 50-100 people. Now the landscape has changed so drastically they can share with the entire world.

Not that I am implying that the world will be beating down you front door, but the entire city and beyond will know of your reputation. Reputation Marketing and the Mobile revolution are changing the way we interact in the world. It has been shown by a Nielsen study done in 2011 that over 70% of viewers trust online reviews as much as if given by a friend or family member.

That was in 2011, I have recently heard the number is now over 80%. Imagine how that impacts businesses. Since that is such a huge number is it any wonder that a business’s Reputation is the most important asset they have? A business can advertise their products, they can have a beautiful store front but if their reputation is bad no one will visit them to buy their products or services.

The first thing any new business should do is develop a 5 Star reputation. Since without a 5* reputation they will be losing customers before they even start. And businesses that have been around for a while need to do whatever they can to fix, maintain and grow their online reputation.

I have prepared a digital book giving an in depth review of the basics involved, along with some of the additional tools available to help any business or individual serious about putting their best foot forward.

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